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Q: How many police officers are employed by the Payson Police Department and how many are associates of the Latter-day Saint/Mormon religion?

A: "There are 27 police officers," said town human resource officer Bob Smith.

As to religious affiliation, "I am prohibited by federal law to ask that, to try and find out, to phrase it in interview questions, to put it on applications for employment or anything related to that," Smith said. "I actually go to some extent to make sure I don't find out, even by accident ... because I don't want to go to federal court."

Q: I saw an ad in the Roundup for Mallorca hot tubs sold by a local store. Don't hot tubs use a lot of water? How much does a 7'x7'x3' hot tub use?

A: Size for size, one brand of hot tub uses approximately the same amount of water as another, according to Tom Weeks of Arizona Easy Living, Pine. A 7'x7'x3' hot tub would use 350 gallons per filling.

"Water is not an issue so much as what kind of chemistry system you have to take care of the water," Weeks said. "The better the chemistry system (hot tubs need to be maintained with a zero ph balance) the less frequent the water needs to be changed. The industry standard is once every six months."

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