A Town With No Water Is A Dead Town



I am distressed with the people who insist on slandering others in the coming election. I feel the same about our presidential elections. There seems to be no dignity any more. It seems, after reading our local paper and radio, that one party is terrified of the other. Some of their accusations and reasoning seem ridiculous if one thinks things through.

Payson existed long before we arrived 25 years ago. There is nothing wrong with growth and people wanting to enjoy the same things that we, who are now here, do. However, according to the latest report, it appears that it may be as long as ten years before we are able to get Blue Ridge water. If building keeps up with more subdivisions and new homes with no thought to water, we may deplete what is now here for us to use.

A town with no water is a dead town with no thriving businesses or the possibility of a home sale.

We hope to remain in Payson for some time to come, and I am not happy thinking of growth and more growth without first knowing if there will be sufficient water -- not only for us but for future homeowners.

Carol Steyaert, Payson

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