Brewer Responds To Edwards' Accusations



Bob Edwards has once again sent me an accusatory and scurrilous e-mail. I have no doubt that he intends to use this in a desperate effort to advance his flagging and "truth-challenged" campaign.

I hope and believe the people of Payson are getting very tired of his crying "smear campaign," while he and his "team" use distorted and faulty information to "smear" the Town of Payson, its elected officials, its able staff and any citizens who take issue with deliberate policies to stagnate Payson's economy.

His campaign has been characterized by destructive rather than constructive approaches to almost every aspect of our Town. If Bob Edwards lacks the capacity or the willingness to lift his campaign up from the "low road," I would hope that the people of Payson have the good judgment to see through his "slash and burn" attack-dog approach.

Mayor Barbara Brewer, Payson

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