Brewer's Campaign Makes Reader Laugh



I just finished looking over the mayor's recent propaganda spread which was handed out door-to-door. I was very, very much amused with it. It's the old adage, you tell the people what they want to hear, then go ahead and do the opposite. This is sometimes called good politics. This fits the mayor's latest propaganda spread. Just a couple of examples here (a quote from her recent spread).

"I (mayor) and the other members of your town council have been listening -- not only to the loud and shrill voices who claim to speak for all of you, but to the soft spoken silent majority who make their voices and feelings heard in lots of places and in many different ways."

The council and mayor must have had their earplugs in place when presented with a petition signed by 2000 or so Payson citizens concerning Resolution 2098.

The mayor must have misconstrued the facts and figures of the silent, soft-spoken majority who voted their feelings in the last election. The majority has spoken and it was not to the mayor's advantage.

We are still looking for all those great accomplishments during the past two years -- nothing big or concrete that I can see, except to help obtain $50,000 bucks for the Senior Center.

I am sure the new mayor will have much more to his credit after two years than the present one.

I see the Good Ole Boy Network is more alive than ever, spending money like drunken sailors on radio and in endless newspaper propaganda.

Good business for our local newspaper and radio. Keep spending, boys. It's good for our economy.

With friends like them, the mayor does not need any other enemies. Speaking of friends, who are these Citizens for Payson's economic future?

It's amazing, but I couldn't find either Dennis Heinonen nor Dwight Adams listed in the Payson phone book. Maybe I should have tried the Phoenix phone book. Question: Whose economic future are we talking about, the Good Old Boys or Payson and its citizens?

Ed Welge, Payson

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