Editorial On Golden Rule And Immigration Way Off Base



Your editorial of Tuesday, April 11 titled "Golden Rule still applies during immigration debate" is way off base. These illegal aliens march in our streets demanding rights they do not have, nor have they earned. You glorify their lawlessness. You condone their illegal entry into our country. Does not the Golden Rule apply to them?

You scorn "these angry faces, projected across the screen of the evening news" as "the faces of people who seemed to have forgotten the very foundation of human decency." Is it human decency to allow these people to enter our country to be exploited by business owners interested only in their bottom lines? Is it human decency to burden our citizens with the costs of the medical, educational and incarceration needs of illegal aliens? Is it human decency to deny our citizens and law-abiding legal immigrants a decent wage to support their families and live the American dream?

Yes, many of "these faces are the descendants of immigrants who came in waves only generations ago from Ireland, Germany, Russia and beyond." What you so blindly ignore is that the ancestors of these descendants entered our country legally. They were not given special treatment. There was no special English language learner education for their children. They were truly good people and hard workers who built this once great nation. They did not show disrespect for this country and our laws as these illegal aliens are so arrogantly doing.

I am pro-immigration, and I am anti-illegal entry into our country as well as anti-amnesty for those who break our laws of entry. My maternal grandparents were immigrants having entered through Ellis Island. My grandfather, who lived to be 83 years of age, and my grandmother, who lived to be 99 years old, raised a total of nine children through hard work and perseverance, yet neither spoke more than a dozen words of English.

They were humble people who were thankful to have the privilege and honor of becoming a citizen of the United States. They made no demands nor did they hold protest marches. They made no threats as the illegal aliens are doing. They did not hold our leaders hostage.

You, like Governor Napolitano and Senator McCain make a mockery of citizenship because you debase the duties, rights and privileges of this special status by supporting "coming to America" illegally. You support the invasion of this country by illegal aliens.

While your story of the deported 9-year-old is sad, please place the blame for his plight fairly. The blame rightfully goes first, to his parents; secondly, to those federal agencies who are not enforcing our laws at the border or within the states; and thirdly, to the employer(s) who have profited from his parents being in this country illegally.

Golden Rule, indeed.

Joyce K. Graves, Payson

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