Peggy Miles Should Be Reinstated



I have just learned about the despicable performance of the Payson board of education, which voted to remove Mrs. Peggy Miles from her position as principal of Payson's Julia Randall Elementary School.

Since most of the teachers, and nearly all of the students, fully supported their principal, Mrs. Miles, it is inconceivable to me as to why the members of the board, without any significant given reasons, decided in a kangaroo court manner to ignore the facts and vote her out as principal.

One board member, a well-known Payson contractor, I am told, spent most of the time during the discussion phase of the meeting talking and listening on his cell phone, and not paying any attention to the proceedings. He then absentmindedly voted to remove Mrs. Miles without having listened to any of the cogent points being raised by the students and teachers who favored the retention of Peggy Miles.

It was obvious that his mind, and that of the other board members, was already made up, and that he didn't have to listen to what the speakers were addressing.

The superintendent of schools, Sue Myers, had little to say as to her reasons for removing Peggy Miles as principal. She said things like she was the weakest link in the group. What does that mean? Why did the board decide to have an open meeting when their minds were already closed to removing Peggy Miles from her position?

This is obviously a case of malfeasance by the board members, orchestrated by the superintendent of schools and, in my opinion, should not be condoned by the Payson populace.

I have heard nothing but praise concerning the performance of Peggy Miles, and her reinstatement should be demanded by all those who favor good government and good schools.

I am a newer resident of Payson, and I don't favor or condone this cavalier approach to management in our schools.

I recommend that Peggy Miles be reinstated without delay, and that the board members be cautioned against future attempts at mismanagement.

Don Keplinger, Payson

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