People Do Nothing As Bush Becomes Threat To Free World



When the name of a CIA operative was leaked to the press, President Bush took the podium and stated that he was going to find out who in his administration leaked this sensitive "classified" information, and he promised that he would "deal" with this "leaker."

In light of the latest revelations by defendant Scooter Libby, the "leaker" is President George W. Bush himself.

So, as citizens of this nation, we must ask, "Mr. President what are you going to do to yourself?"

It should be clear from past behavior that this president is going to do nothing. He did nothing when there were no WMDs in Iraq, and insists that he is "staying the course" as our American troops continue to lose their lives and limbs in this "senseless" war in Iraq.

Bush did nothing when torture and humiliation became our national policy and our nation became a rogue state.

Bush did nothing while a summer storm ravaged the Gulf states and the poor and minorities were drowned and displaced then, after the storm subsided, Bush did nothing to repair the damage.

There has been a lot of humor and laughter about some of Bush's behavior and syntax, but it is not funny. All Americans have been diminished by the behavior of President Bush and his administration and his GOP controlled Congress. They are far past being a mere embarrassment and have become a threat to all real Americans and the free world.

This President and his group of domestic "evildoers" have managed to infiltrate the pulpits of our religious institutions and have changed the direction of the message of many Christian congregations to one of "greed and avarice." No longer do some of these ministers teach and preach the teachings of Christ's love and his teachings to love our enemies, to feed the poor and hungry and to care for those less fortunate.

Now, these ministers of the Gospel preach hate and prejudice. It is an interesting religion that has replaced God with George Bush and the GOP.

Wake up, America. Rome's Emperor Nero used to sign his edicts as "God." Don't be surprised when you hear that President Bush proclaims that he is the "Almighty."

Why not? He has already said that he can do whatever he wants because he is the president.

Mark Reza, Payson

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