1967 Ss396 Super Sport Chevelle


Rocco Walker reported to Pensacola, Fla. for Navy flight training in October 1965. After primary training in Pensacola and basic jet training in Meridian, Miss. I returned to Pensacola for Carrier Qualification and Air to air gunnery in July of 1966.

In September of 1966, a college friend of mine, also going through flight training, wanted me to go down to the local Chevy dealer and "look" at the new 1967 models.

On the way down to "Pensacola Buggy Works" he mentioned that if they had a "butternet yellow/black interior" SS396 Chevelle he was going to buy it.

They had two, two-door Super Sports, a butternet yellow/black and a gold/gold. We had to go down to the dock and see them because they were not on display to the public yet.

Well, he bought the yellow one and I bought the gold one. We both had that ‘Need for Speed' mentality -- after all we were ENSIGNS in the NAVY!

He was killed in an A-6 Intruder in October 1968 in Vietnam, so I don't know what happened to his SS396, but after almost 40 years of flying/moving/storing/and driving, I still have the Gold SS396 Super Sport Chevelle.

That was the start of my love of cars!

We moved to Payson in December 2003, joined the car club, and have shown the car the last two years -- and of course it will be there this year also.

Rocco Walker

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