Bob Edwards Wrong Again



Bob Edwards is still having problems with the facts.

On page 12 of the April 14 Payson Roundup, a Bob Edwards advertisement proclaims, "Who Should Select Our Mayor ... Phoenix or Payson Citizens?" This is just another smoke screen by Edwards to cover up his own money machine, which has collected more campaign funds, than all the other candidates combined. He refers to the "Citizens for Payson's Economic Future," as a "Valley-led group." Wrong again, Bob. It is a committee of Payson-area residents who want to level the playing field that he has tipped his way with promises you can't keep to accumulate a huge war chest (check the public records for candidate's campaign funds as of April 13, 2006). Also, the vast majority of the funds donated to the Edwards/Blair campaign come from people who do not live and work in Payson.

He also claims that "we are expecting Stage 3 (water) restrictions this month for the coming year, and possibly Stage 4."

Wrong again, Bob. Just above Edwards' advertisement, on page 12, is a statement by Town Hydrologist Mike Ploughe that Payson's water restriction will remain at Level 2. It is obvious he does not consult anyone, including the Town Water Department, before he makes uninformed statements.

The Edwards/Blair smear campaign has stated what they claim is wrong with Payson, but has not offered any solutions to their perceived problems. It would be refreshing to have Bob Edwards and Ed Blair tell the voters of Payson what their plans are to correct the plan the voters of Payson have already approved.

I moved to Payson 10 years ago, and shared my home here with my loving wife, and best friend of 51 years, until she passed away in 2001 with cancer. I do not own any real estate other than my home in Payson, and have nothing to gain or lose, however this election may be decided. The Edwards/Blair money machine overwhelmed all opponents in the primary election. Therefore, I am proud to have joined a number of Payson residents in donating funds to the "Citizens for Payson's Economic Future," to bring the truth to the voters of Payson, not the mirrors and smoke of a professional politician like Bob Edwards. Please vote, but think hard before you do so. Vote for Barbara Brewer for Mayor, and Su Connell, Barbara Underwood and Mike Vogel for town council.

Gordon Metcalf, Payson

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