Crowley's Numbers Way Off Base



Don Crowley made comments at the beginning of the Town Council meeting of April 13. No speaker form was filled out, so no topic was given. He started out stating his opinion regarding the replacement of councilmember Barriger by the current sitting council. These comments were followed by his opinion regarding the Edwards/Blair campaign and how much money they collected.

He quoted financial reports. I have also obtained those reports and want to correct the misstatements he made.

He stated that the Edwards and Blair campaigns had raised $28,500. That is incorrect. As of the latest financial reports filed April 3, Edwards had raised $12,274 and Mr. Blair $6,727. This totals $19,001.

The following is the total amount raised by the candidate, the number of contributors for that candidate and the average contributed per contributor.

Barbara Brewer: $8,224; 35 contributors for an average of $234 per contribution.

Bob Edwards: $12,274; 68 contributors for an average of $180.

Ed Blair: $6,809; 44 contributors for an average of $154.

Su Connell: $7,630; 48 contributors for an average of $159.

Barbara Underwood: $3,036; 23 contributors for an average of $132.

Mike Vogel: $5,205; 30 contributors for an average of $173.

Rick Croy and Diana Sexton are self-funding their campaigns.

It is interesting to look at the largest contributors to several campaigns. You will find Don Crowley's name, his wife's name and Gordon Metcalf at the top of the list.

The total contributions made by those three, so far, total $3,560. Seems like Crowley should be complaining to himself and not to the citizens of Payson.

As stated in the Payson Town Council Rules of Procedure, Mayor Barbara Brewer is supposed to stop anyone from making political speeches at council meetings.

Why was her gavel not in motion once Mr. Crowley started his comments on the current campaign?

Leon Keddington, Payson

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