Donated Money Seems To Have Disappeared



Upon hearing the news that my beloved Michael had passed away, a local venue in Star Valley immediately put up a donation bowl to help me with final expenses and taking care of Michael's affairs. I left my name and number with the venue, and lately have been running into kind hearted folks who have expressed that they hoped their "gift" helped me out.

I made contact with the venue only to be told that "the money was gone." In other words, I hadn't come in to pick up the money (which I felt would be pretty presumptuous on my part, as I was waiting from word from them). So, since I didn't come in to gather the money, it was simply gone. A phone call to the owner resulted in him telling me he would find out what was up and get back to me. That was over a month ago.

I'm not so much angry that I didn't receive the help I desperately needed in my time of crisis, but the generosity of the folks who put money in that jar thinking it was going to a much-needed cause. If nothing else, I urge the venue (and you know who you are) to give back the money to those warm-hearted souls, or at least donate the money to a charity in Michael's name. To all of you who donated so unselfishly, I thank you.

I pray your kindness will be rewarded one day. As for where the money went, no one seems to know? How sad that a tragedy had to result in such lack of respect for the deceased.

Suzanne Michaels, Payson

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