Edwards Responds To Brewer's Letter



In the April 25 edition of the Payson Roundup, Mayor Barbara Brewer wrote a letter accusing me of sending her an accusatory and scurrilous e-mail. She further charged that she has no doubt I intend to use it in a desperate effort to lift my flagging campaign, and that we should come up from the low road.

I did write her an e-mail that was just between her and I, but I had no intention it would go beyond that. I am disappointed it was treated as a public document.

Here is the actual e-mail:


"During the smear campaign in the primary, I was convinced you had no connection. I still want to believe that. However, it would be a reach to disassociate you from the current general election smear campaign. The fact that you have not publicly condemned the ads tells me you implicitly support them.

"I wrote you once before asking you to stop this, but it continues. You need to show leadership and moral character and reign in your supporters.

"I have heard a new rumor that my family will be brought into the campaign. While I don't believe this rumor, I would be foolish to totally discount it based on the depths to which your campaign has sunk.

"I am going to believe you will ultimately see the damage this type of campaigning is doing to the town and will call a stop to it. But I need to let you know, that if they do bring my family into it, they need to understand how important it is to have the whole story and that to do so will be a serious miscalculation."

Bob Edwards, Payson

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