Good News For Bass Fishermen



It is approaching late spring and Roosevelt is a busy place with numerous bass tournaments going on almost every weekend. The weights being recorded have been increasing because of the excellent fishing. For instance, last weekend the Arizona Bass Fishing circuit came to Roosevelt with over 150 teams competing for prize money, and the top ten teams had weights of 14 pounds plus for a five fish limit.

After the fish are weighed they are immediately returned to the water and very likely will be caught again. Tournament fishermen are avid catch and release supporters. Most bass tournament circuits have at least a 95 percent survival rate and are always striving to make this better. A tournament fisherman is actually penalized one pound in weight if they bring in a dead fish. Live wells are always pumping lots of water and bass enthusiasts use many products to keep the bass healthy and alive. Try Rejuvenate or Keep Alive. Both are excellent and affordable.


Buddy Randall shows a healthy bass he took out of Roosevelt Lake. Randall has long been a successful tournament angler on the Rim Country fishing scene.

With all this weekend activity, Roosevelt Lake is bustling and Tonto Basin is becoming a favorite weekend get away. Excellent bass fishing is having a positive effect on the entire area.

More people are buying licenses to fish and are anxious to learn the strategies of catching bass. Remember, this is a very big lake, which is still at full capacity of the old high water mark. So there are many areas that are holding fish to be caught and you will still have a lot of elbow room.

Don't forget, there is a slot limit of 13 to 16 inches, which means those fish within that range must be returned to the lake immediately.

Always have a measuring device so there is no question about keeping a fish. When measuring that bass have the mouth closed and the tail pinched to a point and you will have an accurate measurement. If there is any doubt, return it to the lake. The Arizona Game and Fish Department is encouraging fishermen to keep the unders, which will actually improve the quality of fishing at Roosevelt. By the way, the limit for a licensed fisherman is five bass.

If you catch an over, take a picture, enjoy the moment, and give that bass a chance to excite another angler. This weekend, enjoy God's creation and take someone fishing.

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