‘Illegals' Should Be Arrested, Deported



This letter is written regarding Our View on "The Golden Rule still applies in immigration debate."

I understand three newspaper personnel wrote this editorial. Were all of you 100 percent in agreement with the words and thoughts in this editorial? I don't like to blast all of you for this editorial when some of you may not deserve it. Since I don't know the answer, I will blast all of you.

Does the "Golden Rule" apply only to American citizens? I think it should also apply to all of the protesters in the streets of Phoenix, Dallas, Los Angeles, or wherever they claim the U.S. is violating "their civil rights." These illegals have no civil rights in the U.S. They have broken U.S. laws.

They should be arrested and deported. They should then get in line at the Port of Entry if they want to become U.S. citizens. This is the legal method of entry into the U.S. I have no objections to legal entry into the U.S.

I have heard all kinds of stories from politicians and activist citizens about why we should ignore our laws and accept these illegal aliens. I disagree with them. The truth is that our federal and state governments have ignored the illegal problems since prior to the 1970s.

Why did they ignore the problem? Why did they think it was perfectly OK to accept an open border? Was it because U.S. business leaders wanted to hire cheap labor? Was it because the U.S. didn't want to spend the money to close the border? These are events that happened many years ago.

We (U.S. government, state government, U.S. citizens) must correct the illegal alien problem -- now. The U.S. Congress needs to pass legislation that deports illegals immediately and provide no amnesty. Imagine 100 million illegals in this country.

Anyone for Canada?

John W. Graves, Payson

Editor's note: In writing editorials, the editor of the Payson Roundup writes the editorials. They are often discussed as a staff and those viewpoints incorporated. In order for them to be published as "Our View," three managers must read and agree with what is written.

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