Paysonites Should Add ‘Recall' To Vocabulary



It was amusing, if not alarming, to read Felicia Megdal's story, "Home Rule ballot issues buried under mayoral contest," in the April 11 Roundup.

Payson taxpayers need to tell these clueless people that -- as elected officials -- they have a primary fiduciary responsibility to the taxpayers of Payson.

Nothing more. Nothing less.

I call on the taxpayers to demand your officials meet their fiduciary responsibilities to you in the handling of your tax dollars.

Elected officials have power over the purse, and are under oath. The penalties for misusing tax assets are very well delineated in our laws.

Megdal's article on April 18, "Salaries, staff on Payson council agenda, Government at a Glance," quotes Town Manager Fred Carpenter as saying, "A lot of times these meetings are for a special purpose. The regular town council audience doesn't want to sit and listen to budget things."

Mr. Carpenter, as you well know, our town's representatives don't want taxpayers to hear, much less speak out, at any meetings of the council.

Legally, I believe each attending citizen is entitled to speak on any subject pertaining to the town for two minutes.

My advice to Paysonites is to add the word "recall" to their vocabulary. The first time an elected official reneges on their campaign promises, or promotes any agenda which in any way destroys or attempts to lessen our original constitutional rights or jeopardizes the sovereignty of these United States, immediately draw up petitions to oust them from office.

No, Mr. Carpenter, we don't want to listen to rhetorical redundancy. But I, for one, would love to sit down and read Payson's printed budget, itemized down to the last paper clip.

Donald J. and Patricia A. Parker, Payson

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