Public Comment Requested For Shumway Mill Site


The Payson Ranger District, Tonto National Forest, is requesting public comment on the Final Report of the Engineering Evaluation/Cost Analysis (EE/CA) for the Shumway Mill Site. All public comments are welcome and will be accepted until the close of business May 31.

Following this comment period, a final decision will be made by the Regional Forester, Southwestern Region, and the decision will be documented in a Removal Action Memorandum identifying the removal action decision.

The purpose of the EE/CA is to present a detailed analysis of reclamation alternatives that can be used for decision-making. In addition, the analysis presented in this document includes discussion of background information, waste characteristics, applicable or relevant and appropriate requirements (ARAR), a risk assessment, and the development and screening of reclamation alternatives.

The EE/CA concludes that the Shumway Mill Site has environmental concerns related to arsenic, copper, lead, mercury, and zinc. The 10-acre site contains over 10,000 cubic yards of contaminated tailings, ore and other debris. The recommended alternative will move the contaminated material away from the drainage and contain it on site so that it will not be washed downstream or be in contact with people or animals.

Copies of the EE/CA and Administrative Record are available at the Payson Ranger District office, 1009 E. Highway 260. Please call ahead to Walt Thole at (928) 474-7900 during regular business hours to schedule a time to view the documents.

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