School Board Should Reconsider Peggy Miles' Contract



This letter is in response to the recent decision of the Payson School Board to release Peggy Miles as principal. My question is why? I have not heard or seen a reason for this decision.

When my son and his friends found out that Mrs. Miles would not be back next year, they were all very upset. I know that this is not just my opinion, but we truly love Mrs. Miles and all the work she has done for us personally and for the school in general.

She has been so supportive in bringing up great kids for the future. Every time I drop off my son for school she is always outside waiting to greet all the kids as they come in. Whenever I have been on campus, things seem to run smoothly and the staff is always friendly.

I'm sure it helps to have a leader like Mrs. Miles.

We moved out of the JRE district last year and wanted to stay at JRE because of Mrs. Miles and the staff. In the times we live in today, it's hard to find someone who is genuine and kind and who really cares about the well-being of our children and who also makes a real difference in their lives. So why then is the school board destroying something that is working so well?

The one thing I have always been told since my son started school is how important the parents' input and involvement is in their child's education. So, why, when it really matters, is the school board choosing to ignore so many parents, staff and students?

Please, for our children's sake, reconsider. Keep Mrs. Miles.

Heather Alosi, Payson

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