We Need Brewer For Two More Years



I am puzzled when I hear that our Town is in chaos. My husband and I participated in the Citizens Leadership Academy and have knowledge of how the town government and departments function. Our town is functioning well. Of course, there is always room for improvement. I disagreed with the way the Star Valley water issue was handled, but that is in the process of being resolved by the citizens of Star Valley. Our water situation is also in the process of being resolved (Blue Ridge).

Payson is at a crossroads and we need leadership that is experienced and can handle county and state issues to protect our rights. If Mr. Edwards and his sidekick want a say in Payson's future, they should learn how the town really functions and stop insinuating that there are problems where they either do not exist or are minimal. Sure, we need some of our streets fixed, but the town has a budget and we need some patience. We do not need a mayor at this time who would require "On the job training." We need Barbara Brewer for another two years.

Bobbie Klavuhn, Payson

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