Author Fell Back On Stereotype When Referring To 'Idle Rich'



I was shocked by the prejudice in the letter titled "Gated communities smell of feudalism." It doesn't sound like Ms. Shaw knows anyone who lives in Chaparral Pines or the Rim Club, or she would know that many who live in these communities are full-time residents of Payson.

They not only shop in our community, but work and volunteer here. It should be taken as a compliment to our area when these talented and successful people choose to invest, not only their money, but their lives in our town. The stereotype may be that gated communities are second homes for rich people who only come to Payson on weekends, or a few times a year, because they have nothing else to do with their money or time. Ms. Shaw mistakenly uses this stereotype when she uses the term "idle rich." Many homeowners are so busy with their successful jobs in other parts of the country that they only have time to visit our area once or twice a year. I'm sure they would love to live here full time not only because of the beautiful scenery, but because of our warmhearted and friendly people.

Stephanie Veenstra, Payson

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