Bush Has Diminished This Country With Debt, War



On Friday, June 9, the Payson Roundup chose to publish a letter from a Fox viewer from Strawberry. This beneficiary of a family trust decided to attack me and accused me of not knowing the truth "if he was up to his neck in it."

I have been a little busy with personal matters to respond to this "Rovian" type attack. You know what that is, it is the method adopted by the GOP to respond to the truth. First, they attack the messenger, then they continue to repeat their lie. But let us see what we have seen in recent days.

We have seen George W. "flip-flop" like a goldfish out of its water bowl. First, George and his crew of "neo-Cons" created their attack on Iraq; America's first "Pre-emptive war." George and Rumsfeld told us that there were WMDs there, and Condeleezza told us that we had to act before we saw a "mushroom cloud" as the smoking gun. Well, now nearly 3,000 dead American soldiers and thousands of permanently wounded and disfigured young people later, we discover that there were no WMDs, no smoking gun, just some chemicals that W's dad gave to Iraq in the 1980s, which now are about as dangerous as the Drano under your sink.

But what happened when North Korea tested missiles that could really carry nuclear warheads and could reach us here? Nothing.

The reality of the failure of this administration and this GOP controlled congress is far too great to mention in this limited space. Perhaps you need to look at your pharmacy bill of this month and compare it to one of six years ago, the same for your grocery bill and gasoline bill and tell me if you are better off today than you were when Bill Clinton was president.

This last week the most powerful countries of the world met in Russia. For the first time in my life, the United States delegation looked out of place, like a third world nation. George W. and his GOP controlled congress have diminished this great country. They have taken us from an economic surplus to a huge debt. They have destroyed our military and they have attempted to dismantle our Constitution. It is time to kick these nitwits out of office.

Mark Reza, Payson

Editor's note: This letter was cut to fit within the Payson Roundup's 400-word limit for Letters to the Editor.

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