Gambling Addiction Rampant, Don't Support Casinos



In response to your article on gambling addiction and The Arizona Republic's July 23 article on the same subject, the following can be concluded:

1) Three million Americans are pathological gamblers, more likely to be on welfare, arrested, or have filed for bankruptcy.

2) 25 percent of problem gamblers are 55 years of age, or older.

3) National gambling impact study commission (1999) states a casino within 50 miles results in double the incidence of pathological gamblers.

4) University of Illinois looked at 20 years of crime statistics for 3,165 counties in the U.S., finding sharp increases in crime after a casino opened.

(With this said), why do the Town of Payson and some of its citizens support (gambling)?

Tim Williams, Payson (not the Tim in your article)

Editor's note: A portion of this letter was eliminated in staying with the Payson Roundup's letter policy not to publish personal attacks on businesses or individuals.

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