Introduction To Family History Offered This Month



Get ready for the First Annual Christopher Creek Genealogy and Family History Fair, scheduled for Saturday, Aug. 19, from 7 to 9 p.m. and sponsored by the Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on Apple Lane.

The guest speaker will be Bill Windsor, director for the Payson Family History Center. He will offer the presentation, "Introduction to Family History: How to get started or continue to search."

There will be hands-on computer instructions and you can bring a writable CD to record your findings. There will be displays and handouts. Other important family history subjects will be discussed such as scanning and retouching photos, preservation of heirloom textiles, book of remembrances, writing your life story, journal jars, family trees and pedigree charts. Refreshments will be on hand and anyone interested is invited to attend.

For more information, call Gwen Rowley at (928) 478-4707, Alice Andreas at (928) 478-4105, Mae Jones at (928) 478-4199 or Claudia Gesell at (480) 216-1021.


The Firebelles will have a meeting at 6:30 p.m. Aug. 12 at the fire hall. The meeting will be followed by an ice cream social.

There will be games, cards, cribbage, and dominoes available.

If you would like to play the welcome mat is out. If you would like to learn any of these games, come out and the experts will teach you.

On Sept. 2, the Firebelles will have another ice cream social and bake sale, plus a brats barbecue, beginning at 10 a.m. and continuing until everything is sold.

Baked goods are needed for the sale. So, get your oven ready and bring your goods to the fire hall before 10 a.m., Sept 2.

Internet scams

Everyone needs to be aware of some of the scams out there, especially if you use the Internet.

Be very careful today. If it sounds too good to be true, chances are it is too good to be true.

Here are just a few to be aware of:

• You receive an e-mail telling you something is wrong with your Visa, Citibank, PayPal or E-bay account and they need your personal information to correct it. Do not give it.

  • You get an e-mail that says the government has a problem with your census or tax records. Do not give out personal information.
  • A deposed government official in a foreign country wants to share his wealth with you and needs your bank account number to send you money, or wants you to send a fee to have the money wired. Don't give any information and don't send any money.
  • Someone calls you reporting to be a court official and says a warrant has been issued for your arrest because you did not show up for jury duty. He then asks for your social security number and date of birth to check the records and stop the summons. Really, he is trying to steal your identity.
  • If you receive an e-mail telling you that you have just won a lottery from some country you have never visited, this is also a scam and they want your personal information.

There are way too many of these scams out there.

Do not be afraid to hang up on somebody.

You do not have to listen to anyone you do not know. Never give out personal information to someone you don't know, and don't think because they sound authoritative that it is real.

Be careful and do not fall prey to these people. Hang up if you are not sure; deal with your bank in person.

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