Comments About Memorials Insensitive



I am confused as to why Mr. Cohen and Jeanne Medley are so upset about roadside memorials. Are the markers so huge and imposing that they detract from your driving? The drive down to Payson is hard enough without you two gawking at the memorials and getting all worked up. Have you thought that these memorials stand as a reminder to slow down and pay attention? Do the crosses offend you because of your religious belief, or possibly lack of it? No, there is no glory in driving impaired, but they paid the ultimate price for their lack of judgment.

But, this is America and you are entitled to your opinion and so am I. I think you are narrow-minded, petty and insensitive. So, come on, the next time you pass a memorial, why don't you stop, think and give thanks that it's not for you.

Jeannette Sindik, Pine

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