Concerns Of Fleeting Oil Supply Something Author Has Heard Before



In his "Letter writer should update himself on world oil situation" (Roundup, July 18), Ed Welge makes a good point.

I remember, in the mid-1930s, reading the same (or a similar) projection, that there was only a 15-year supply of oil. As time went on, the same (or similar) projections resurfaced.

Finally, about 30 years ago, I realized that there was at last an accurate economic projection. There is, and has been always, only 15 years of oil left in the world.

With that assurance, I long ago quit worrying about the oil supply, and have concentrated on more serious problems.

As long as we have 15 years supply left, and all sorts of new places to look for it, and new technologies to produce it, let's use it and work on making life easier and better for people in the parts of the world who really love trouble.

Don Adams, Payson

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