Congressional Candidate Visits Payson


Ellen Simon's main message in her talk to about 25 Payson Democrats Monday night was, "it is time for a change."

Simon is running for the District 1 seat for U.S. Congress currently held by Republican Rick Renzi.


Ellen Simon

Born in Cleveland, Ohio, Simon is the daughter of two Holocaust survivors. That experience, she said, had a profound effect on her life and career. It steered her toward her current position as a lawyer for the American Civil Liberties Union.

She has worked for women on several work force issues, including age discrimination and sexual harassment. She handled the first AIDS discrimination case where a man was being denied treatment by a hospital because he carried the virus.

Simon said she has been fighting for people her whole life and would do the same if elected to Congress.

She said Renzi is vulnerable this year.

"Most of us can agree that the country has gone in a terrible direction," she said. "I am greatly disturbed by what's going on."

She said the Republican incumbent has the worst record when it comes to the environment.

She said Renzi is a rubber stamp to the President George Bush administration and added he is most interested in representing the top two percent of the nation's wealthy.

Simon said she wants the U.S. troops to be pulled out of Iraq. Even one more death is one too many, she said.

The primary election is Sept. 12. Ballots for early voting are currently available. To request an early ballot, call (928) 425-3231 ext. 8735 or 8619. The general election date is Nov. 7. For details visit

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