Gated Community Residents Contribute To Payson



As a family who lives in Chaparral Pines and is building at The Rim Club, I would like to offer a rebuttal to the statements made by the Shaw family in Star Valley. My husband and I chose to live in Payson because the Rim Country is absolutely beautiful, and we chose to live at CP because we can. We absolutely do shop in Payson, and when we go to the Valley, we say, "We are from Payson." We pay school taxes even though most of the people who live in these two communities do not have children going to school here. We partake of every service available to us here in Payson, although improvements in certain areas are needed. We did vote for the new mayor and town council members. We donate to the Payson Humane Society. My husband has been a hospice volunteer in Payson for the last four years. We give our clothes to the Time Out Shelter.

We are contributing citizens of the Town of Payson. We feel that the Crescent Organization has done a great job bringing these two communities to Payson, funding Green Valley Park and swimming pool.

Many of our friends at CP contribute their time and money to the town, also. Living behind gates means nothing. Freedom of choice means everything.

Diane James, Payson

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