Abandoned Vehicles Littering Payson


The Payson Police Department in the past few months has seen an increase in people abandoning their vehicles and in some instances, trailers.

"It's people who are not talking responsibility of legally disposing of them," said Payson Police Commander Don Engler.


Abandoned trailer, truck on South McLane Road near the Payson Event Center.

Abandoning a vehicle in town, on the highway or in the national forest is a Class 1 misdemeanor.

Some of the vehicles can be tracked back to the owner, but others cannot be traced.

Police are finding two to three abandoned vehicles a week, Engler said.

Some of the places that are common locations for people to leave broken-down vehicles include the Payson Event Center, Tyler Parkway, the lot behind CarQuest, Highway 87 north of Payson, dirt roads that lead to nowhere and church parking lots. The police department is cracking down on this behavior and will seek restitution from owners for removing abandoned vehicles.

To report an abandoned vehicle, call (928) 474-5177.

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