Another Thought About Diverting Traffic Around Payson



Friday afternoon, July 29, a Payson Roundup reporter asked my opinion about the idea of a roadway to divert traffic around Payson. I'd like to expound on my answer.

First, I think a road that diverts traffic from south 87 over to east 260 avoiding Payson is a good idea. I believe that most travelers just drive through Payson without stopping to contribute to our local economy. But I also think the people we should be asking are the travelers. Find a way to poll the folks from the Valley who travel north on Highway 87 or on their return trip west on Highway 260 and south on Highway 87.

Second, if a road was built that diverts traffic away from Payson, I believe that it would not impact our local economy significantly. Travelers who need to buy gasoline or food will come through Payson for that reason. Travelers who just want to get to their destination (i.e. Woods Canyon Lake) will appreciate a clear route with a high speed limit.

Cynthia Hudson, Payson

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