Before You Vote, Get The Facts



There have been a number of opinions on the recall of Charles Brown and Michael Horton. One gentleman stated that two years of these two is enough. Mrs. Lyons states that she didn't know all about it, but was upset because the Board of Education didn't keep Mrs. Miles. There have also been remarks to the effect that they don't care about the children of Payson. That simply is not true. If that is all most people know, then they need to be informed.

I can't speak to the qualifications of anyone on the school board except Charles Brown. I happen to be married to him. We moved here four years ago; neither of us attended Payson schools, and none of our children attended Payson schools.

Why would anyone who has no ties whatsoever even want to be on the Board of Education? It certainly isn't for the money, since the Board members aren't paid anything. Charles Brown wanted to be on the Board because, simply, he has dedicated his life to children and the desire to give every child a quality education.

Mr. Brown has been in the field of education for over 40 years. He has worked as a teacher, principal, superintendent and college professor. As a college professor, he taught superintendents and business managers how to do their job. He was also in charge of the school loan program for 12 years in the State of Ohio. His expertise was in the area of school finance.

If the recall election does occur, I would ask voters to ask Mrs. Lyons what her qualifications are. Is she qualified to run a school program? Has she ever spent even one day trying to provide the best education she possibly can for the children of this community?

Mr. Brown is a relative newcomer to this community and few people really know him. Before you decide that you don't want him on the Board of Education, get to know him and find out what he really thinks.

I'm sure that Mrs. Miles is a wonderful person and that she is very good with people and that adults and children love her, but not renewing her contract was the decision of the superintendent and the entire board.

April Brown, Payson

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