Democrats Have Reason For Endorsing Vote By Mail



Recently, you printed a letter from Fred Taylor reporting that the local Democratic Women's organization unanimously voted to endorse the statewide vote by mail initiative and encouraging the rest of us to support it.

In principle, evaluating the initiative requires balancing any benefits of greater voter participation by those not interested enough to go to the polls against the loss in the integrity of the balloting, since an unknown number of the mailed ballots will be completed by someone other than the registered voter.

On the other hand, the practical effect of the expanded mail vote is to reduce the likelihood that the Republicans will win, since it has long been recognized that Republicans are more likely to expend the necessary effort to go to the polls. So, lower turnout tends to benefit them.

All of which means that it's not surprising that the Democratic Women's organization unanimously supported voting by mail. On the other hand, it would not be surprising if a Republican Women's organization voted unanimously the opposite way, since they may still harbor hopes of having a Republican governor again some day.

Stuart Bishop, Payson

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