Have Some Respect For Your Neighborhood



This letter is regarding H. Thomas and his problem with nosy neighbors.

What town is he living in? He sure does not live in Payson.

In reference to fixing your car: How about five vehicles sitting in your "neighbor's" front yard for a year with flat tires, and car parts all over the place? I have not seen any wrenching in a year. They are towed in and left there. If you leave your dog out and only come out to yell at him to shut up and go back in your rental to watch TV, what's up with that?

I'm not even going to go into the weed patch next door. What's up with the traffic in and out of the rental at one in the morning? They only stay 10 minutes. Must be their third job.

What happens when you are a nosy neighbor because, with the fire restrictions, your neighbors want to have an open fire burning in their backyard and the fire department comes by and says there is nothing they can do.

Oh yeah, what about when someone moves in his motor home and lives in it and drains it in the yard? Try and get the town to help get it cleaned up. Yeah, right. Have some respect for the neighborhood.

Tom Iverson, Payson

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