Local Businesses Will Not Get Sympathy



In regard to the article, "Businesses struggle with limited work force," reading this piece was an adventure in a kind of gallows humor.

Somehow, local businesses seem to feel that they have a right to be here (which they do) and also, at the same time, are entitled by the town to make lots of money, which I do not recall as being guaranteed in any part of the town charter. They believe that somehow we citizens of Payson are morally obligated to provide our local businesses lots of customers, as well as, a cheap, dependable and able work force.

Well, I have some sobering news for our Payson business community. It is not that way at all, and never has been.

If the business owners/managers here cannot stand the heat, then, literally, like Country Kitchen, they need to simply get out of the kitchen. Do I hear a cheer for the law of supply and demand?

Of course, when and if they leave, then we citizens of Payson need to remember not to complain. Economics works both ways.

If a given business cannot pay wages sufficient to enable its employees to live decently here, then those businesses are not a good fit for this particular community at this time.

As for an actual shortage of good employees, I laugh and I chuckle.

Do you know of any retail business here in Payson that offers a 40-hour week with the corresponding worker protections? They all (as far as I know) work on a 32-hour week or much less without any benefits whatsoever -- not even unemployment. When the hourly rate is already too low to sustain life, what is one to do when offered less than 32, say 12 to 24 per week?

Get a second job? Not possible, because work schedules are deliberately kept completely irregular and unpredictable.

Mr. Payson Businessman, I expect you already see the drift: You may expect no sympathy from me until you demonstrate some sense of community and of compassion for your employees. If you cannot afford to do that, well, go get lost. We do not need you.

Allen N. Wollscheidt, Payson

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