Pine, Payson Ministers Offer Pastor Training In Honduras


When a minister in Pine or Payson wants to share ideas with other ministers face to face they have only need to hop in their cars.

In Honduras, one of the poorest countries in South America, ministers and their wives came on foot, by bicycle and loaded up in trucks to attend the "Spiritual Transformation for the Family of the 21st Century" conference.


Simone Lake and Amparo Celina Martinez, right, one of more than 100 people who attended the "Spiritual Transformation for the Family of the 21st Century" conference in Honduras.

"We came back with an understanding of the great need that pastors and church leaders (in Honduras) have for the training we take for granted in America," Simone Lake said.

Simone is the wife of pastor John Lake of the Church on Randall Place in Pine. She assisted with the design and format of the conference in Choluteca, Honduras in conjunction with Lifeway International and Open Eye Ministries.

"We were lucky, because the church we were at had air conditioning," Simone said. "But a lot of the churches are extremely poor and do not have the funding for books and materials."

The 70 pastors and their wives at the conference were "hungry to learn more about God and Christ and what they can do for their congregations."

The Lakes were joined on their short-term mission by Seth Draper, a member of the Randall Place congregation who is studying at Southwest Bible College, Mike Wing, a member of Calvary Chapel, and Robby Lashua, a youth pastor in Glendale.

Each one taught a class with the help of an interpreter.

"I really enjoyed the trip," Draper said.

He taught that prayer is a relationship with God and that a powerful prayer life includes six kinds of prayer: Confession, praise, worship, asking and thanksgiving.

"Making Love Last Forever" was the topic of the class taught by the Lakes, who have been married 17 years.

Principle 1: Forever love does not have as its aim changing our spouse's behavior or changing him or her for another. It is up to each of us to change our own reaction and attitude

John Lake also gave a workshop on becoming a servant leader of Jesus and Simone taught how to have a relationship with God as father.

In Honduras, Christians view worship as a part of everyday life," said Lashua, who taught a class on overcoming spiritual obstacles.

"God taught me so much about the change that needs to be made in American churches. Church is the culmination of a week's worth of worship. This is an attitude that I admire and desire."

Parents and other relatives can teach their children to develop spiritually through their own examples of prayer and church attendance, Wing taught in the "Parenting by Grace" course.

The Honduran church leaders left with extra packets of materials so they could go and train people in their respective congregations.

We were able to make the trip with partly our own money and party the support of our congregation, Simone said.

"We would like to extend a thank you for all the prayers and financial support given to the team," Simone said.

On Sunday, Aug. 20, at 11 a.m., there will be a PowerPoint presentation of the Honduras trip at the Church on Randall Place, 6338 W. Randall Place in Pine. All are welcome to attend.

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