Reporter Shouldn't Have Blamed Manager For Restaurant's Closure



Regarding the Payson Roundup's recent article on the Landmark Restaurant, I think Mr. Maresh should have taken the time to contact Kevin Mystrom before writing an article relating to the Landmark and inferring that Mr. Mystrom was the reason for it being foreclosed. This was a family owned business, with Mr. Mystrom being the manager, not the owner.

The restaurant has not changed hands "many times" in the past few years. As a matter of record, it has been sold only once in the past five years.

This restaurant has historic significance to the area as well as our family. When the restaurant was purchased, five years ago, the Rodeo-Chediski fire hadn't yet burned 450,000 plus acres, the drought had not happened and the forest wasn't closed. The road had not bypassed the town, ever. The restaurant has seen some of the worst scenarios played out through all of this.

Meanwhile, Mr. Mystrom still put on events that had the local hotels full of guests -- the last one a week before it closed. I think that it should be noted because it's in our family history, and we would like for the Landmark to still be up and running.

Kitty Delatorre, Scottsdale

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