Toothbrush Sale To Help Wounded Troops


A special sale of a new mechanical toothbrush is taking place at Payson's Apothecary Shop, with a portion of proceeds going to wounded troops.

Working with the We Thank Our Troops program, organized by Bob Zimmerman, the Payson drugstore will be selling the $129 HydraBrush system for $99.95. WTOT will receive $20 from each sale to further its efforts in providing goods and services to veterans and emergency care packages for wounded military personnel in Iraq and Afghanistan.


The HydraBrush design is composed of eight brushing surfaces. The mechanical toothbrush is on sale at the Payson's Apothecary Shop, with a portion of proceeds going to wounded troops.

Zimmerman will be promoting the project on KMOG and KRIM. He may be familiar to some Rim Country residents from a phone card campaign he promoted in the area about a year ago.

"When I did the phone card campaign the people here were just incredible in their response," Zimmerman said.

"Initially, WTOT was created to help older veterans with some medically related costs not covered by their benefits," he said. "We started with a partnership with Vision Select to provide reduced prices for eye care products and services, plus LASIK vision correction surgery."

Zimmerman said, while the partnership was originally targeted for veterans, the company, through WTOT, has made it available to others.

The program has expanded to provide materials to assist wounded military, active duty military and military families.

The HydraBrush partnership is the latest addition to the goods and services WTOT is making available to active duty military personnel, their families and veterans. With the sale of the system at Payson's Apothecary Shop it is also available to the residents of the Rim Country.

The new oral care system was developed by Oralbotic Research, Inc. and mechanical engineer Ken Hegemann, president of the company.

"The HydraBrush design is composed of eight brushing surfaces," he explained in an article in Hygienetown magazine.

The award-winning system was designed to eliminate human error in brushing teeth and takes less than 60 seconds.

Zimmerman said a user bites down on the brush and it cleans all the surfaces of the teeth and massages the gums as well.

The Apothecary Shop is at Sawmill Crossing, 201 W. Main St.

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