Vote For Dan Hill



I'd like to tell you about my youngest brother, Dan Hill, and why he would be such a great choice for justice of the peace. Dan has more energy and enthusiasm than anyone I have ever met. He has been that way since he was a small child when he would wake up singing. His grumpy, older brothers would just shake their heads at him, but he had a zest for life that I have always admired.

He brings that energy and enthusiasm into literally everything he does. He is honest and fair-minded and a man of integrity -- attributes a good justice of the peace needs.

Dan is also a very loving family man and spends much quality time with his eight children, who adore him. It is a pleasure for me to watch him enjoy his family as he sets an example for them of a balanced life complete with work, play and service to others.

I know my brother very well and I know that he has the qualities needed to serve his community in a conscientious, unbiased and trustworthy manner. If you vote for Dan Hill for justice of the peace, you will not be disappointed.

Linda Beffrey, Mesa

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