Rodeo Specialty Act Promises Unique Performance



Get set, Buffalo Breath will be steaming up the arena during the August rodeo.

The specialty act at the 2006 World's Oldest Continuous Rodeo in Payson is Buffalo Breath.


Expect the wild rides at the 122nd Payson Rodeo to be part of the specialty act presented by "Buffalo Breath" Aug. 18, 19 and 20.

Dan McIntosh is the man behind "Buffalo Breath" and he says, "There is lots of action in my acts. They are wild, exciting, humorous and unique. I strive to do what no one else has done."

The story behind the name?

"No good story on the name ‘Buffalo Breath.' It's a handle a friend gave me after we chugged a half pint of Jack Daniels one night in my young and wild days. Not exactly something you want to tell the kiddies, but it stuck and fit with my act when I developed it," McIntosh said.

The co-stars of McIntosh's act are a team of hard-running, well-trained quarter horses. In addition to the horses, the act includes a wagon, comedy, action, gunfire, pyrotechnics, and many surprises.

McIntosh lives on a ranch near Longford, Kan. His wife Nancy is a medical lab technician employed in the nearby town of Minneapolis. Their daughter Amanda is a freshman at the University of Kansas. Son Luke is a high school junior and plays football and baseball. Both are very talented riders and help out on the ranch.

"I feel very fortunate to be doing something I love. Whether it's riding pastures, training colts, checking cattle, feeding in the winter, or any other ranch chores, it's something that I enjoy," McIntosh said.

He added, one of his favorite activities is training and driving teams of horses.

"I have driven horses for about 15 years. I've provided horse-drawn hay rack rides for a variety of 4-H and church groups, as well as various private parties," McIntosh said.

"I've supplied horse drawn transportation for weddings and anniversaries, and even a friend's funeral. I have an eight passenger surrey that I designed and built. When my schedule allows I hire out for weddings and proms.

"It was all this that led to me developing my wild west rodeo act. I have performed at rodeos and wild west shows from Pennsylvania to California, from Michigan to Texas."

He started his act in 1998, worked two years at the amateur level then applied for and received his PRCA card.

McIntosh has been on the rodeo committee of Longford for many years. During this time he has seen a variety of specialty acts.

"My favorites are always the ones that involve horses and action. I believe rodeo ought to be wild and western, and that's what my acts offer.
"To have a successful rodeo today you have to keep people entertained, so rodeo should be fast-paced and exciting. You must keep people on the edge of their seats wondering what's going to happen next."

When McIntosh puts on his costume he becomes "Buffalo Breath." Right out of the 1800s, he enters the rodeo arena, hauling a wagonload of explosives, lingerie and more, setting the stage for comedy and action.

McIntosh has taken his act to quite a few rodeos over the years, including many in Kansas, plus a number in Oklahoma and Texas. He has also been the featured act at rodeos in Wyoming, California and Nebraska. His most recent performances were in Prescott and Hamel, Minn.

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