Accusations Against Roundup Are Not Based In Fact



As a regular reader of your newspaper, I appreciate the lengths to which you go to be fair and balanced in all your reporting and news articles. It is refreshing to read the different perspectives of your reporting staff.

A recent controversy over your paper's free Web site bulletin board posting enforcement policy is being publicly criticized and is being called "unethical."

I find this rather humorous.

Some of the letters and bulletin board postings on your Web site complained of intentional bias by your newspaper and alleged that a conspiracy exists between your editorial board, unnamed land developers, and other shadowy figures -- all with the specific intent to influence public opinion.

A review of some of his letters and postings might cause one to believe they are highly "unethical" in that they make serious accusations, yet provide no proof.

I guess you could call that an oxymoron?

Donald Evans


Editor's note: This letter was cut due to the Payson Roundup's policy not to publish letters that attack an individual.

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