Author Should Examine Casino's Contributions To Community



I am responding to Tim Williams letter in the Aug. 4 edition of the Payson Roundup concerning the support our community gives Mazatzal Casino.

I found it interesting that Mr. Williams threw some generalized facts out there as if he did these studies himself.

Gambling is a form of entertainment and not everyone who drops a few quarters in a slot machine or plays a few hands of Black Jack has a gambling addiction, and if by chance they did, the casino offers help free of charge.

If Mr. Williams is so concerned about the welfare of our citizens perhaps he should step down from his soapbox and research how many positive things the casino has done for our community.

Talk to some of the 300 employees and ask them how much their dental, optical, medical and prescription benefits packages have helped them and their family members. When he's finished there, he can visit the businesses that are directly affected in a positive manner because of these benefits. The tribe has been repeatedly asked to contribute to some organization or project and has always done so willingly and in a generous manner, I may add.

These contributions come from casino operations. Society in general has more of a problem with alcohol and drug abuse then any other form of addiction. These problems are prevalent in our own community and affect not only the user but many times innocent victims as well.

Mary Hoosava


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