Contractors Making Sidewalks Unusable



I am writing to ask that the contractors and construction crews sweep the dirt and rocks off of the sidewalks in front of their job sites. It is a shame when you can't even take a stroller out.

Just today, I put my grandson in a stroller so we could get to Julia Randall Elementary School to walk back home with his second grade sister.

At one point, we had to get in the road because of the portable outhouse, and we had to stay in the road because of the dirt and rocks covering the sidewalk, plus some big boards, plus a truck with a loaded trailer, half on and half off the sidewalk.

We shouldn't have to take the risk of walking in the road.

In May of this year, as my three grandchildren and I were walking home from the school, I tripped and fell on the uneven sidewalk where heavy equipment had compressed one section of the walk over an inch below the adjoining section. I had to get treatment at the emergency room for a deep cut (six stitches), broken facial bones and two very, very black eyes. I haven't made a full recovery yet.

It doesn't seem right that I have to pay the price for the contractors not dealing with their own messes. It would seem natural that they would want to demonstrate the quality of their work, but you can't tell it by the way they mess up the neighborhood.

I don't understand why I should have to go out of my way and suffer pain and medical bills due the builders being inconsiderate of the neighbors.

I don't think this abuse is just in Stone Creek, maybe the town can do something. At least they should keep the sidewalks clear of equipment and debris.

Jean Potts


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