Dan Hill Will Bring Compassion To Justice Seat



Jay and Kasandra LeBow, creators of Integrity Arts International and Artist Rock for Nonviolence, wish to personally thank Dan Hill and the staff of Legacy Home Furnishings for making a recent Friday's Art and Business Alliance one of our most successful ever.

We also wish to lend our personal endorsement of Dan Hill for justice of the peace. Having had several opportunities to interact with Dan Hill, we have always found him to be available with a warm and sincere smile and time enough to share a good word or a funny joke.

Hearing Dan speak at our Thursday morning Kiwanis meeting, I was moved by his insightful compassion for people and situations.

His vision and desire to see people first in their humanity rather than their foibles was an inspiration and made me hopeful that a kinder and more gentle world was a possibility.

Is it not time for us to realize the system as it stands is not working? Calling ourselves a Christian country, isn't it about time we ruled with an iron fist of compassion and inspiration for personal accountability, rather than judgment?

The man for such and undertaking is Mr. Dan Hill.

Kasandra and Jay LeBow


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