Former Phs Student Asks For Support For Bond



I am writing in support of the upcoming $33 million bond proposal. Many of Payson High School's structures greatly need repair, including the agriculture building, as it is no longer being used because it is in such poor condition. Might there be funding for a new facility that continues to support agriculture education?

Knowing that my veteran high school agriculture teacher, Wendell Stevens, will retire at some point in the future, a state-of-the-art building will help attract a new agricultural instructor of Mr. Stevens' magnitude.

Payson's superintendent and several governing board members have devoted the last few years to attracting new and young staff members and to increasing staff salaries. Now it's time to dedicate funding to create, rebuild and renovate school facilities.

Our superintendent, Sue Myers, has a new motto for the 2006-2007 school year: "Refuse To Be Ordinary." I agree with it. Having spent the years 1981 through 1985 as a Payson High School student, who was heavily involved in the Future Farmers of America and vocational agriculture, there are lessons and techniques I learned then that I still remember and apply now in my personal and professional life.

If not for Mr. Stevens' guidance, training and wonderful and "unordinary" methods of teaching, I would not be working in my rewarding and "unordinary" profession today.

I ask that the good citizens of Payson pass the bond, and continue to attract dynamic staff and build, among other things, a modern, safe and up-to-date agricultural building for our current and future students, leaders, ranchers, farmers and sports turf managers.

Scott MacVicar,

PHS class of 1985

Head Groundskeeper

San Francisco Giants

AT&T Park

San Francisco, Calif

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