Letter Author In Need Of Compassion



I did not read the July 21st issue of the Payson Roundup, but due to the feedback letters to Teddy Cohen, I pulled up the archive online. As I read this most insensitive letter, I became so shocked and appalled by the absolute disrespect for the victims and their families, that I felt sick to my stomach and tears began to well up.

Mrs. Cohen, you must not have ever had anyone you love and close to you die due to circumstance out of your control, because if you had, I don't think you could ever say that any memorial to a loved one could be gaudy or hideous. I also think, in the way, that the way you worded your letter, it made the victims of these accidents look like the bad guys.

Maybe instead of a Nikon in your car you could carry some compassion.

H. Alosi


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