Reporter Only Told One Side Of Story



As all journalists know, and usually check out, there are two sides to every story. Michael Maresh was able to share the greedy new realtor from Cunningham & Associates' side, now I will share the Landmarks' side of the story.

Michael contradicted himself early in the "Landmark Restaurant on Market" article. First, he stated the restaurant "has changed hands many times in the past few years," but then reports a few paragraphs down the last time it was sold was 2001. And if he would have looked further into this public-record information, he would have found there have been only two owners in almost seven years.

The biggest error though was the statement made about Kevin Mystrom.

In Cunningham & Associates' eagerness to sell the restaurant, the real estate agent erroneously stated the foreclosure was because of Kevin's "personal finance problems that were unrelated to the restaurant."

How would he know this as Kevin and the rest of the LLC have never met or spoken with him? To publicly report this statement when it was so grossly untrue shows the character of Mr. Cunningham.

Again, if your reporter would have checked with the source, he would have found out the LLC was advised by their lawyer to foreclose. It was simple economics. Our family is indebted to Kevin for bringing the Landmark Restaurant and Saloon to life in Christopher Creek, Payson and even the Phoenix area. Ask any of the business owners, residents, or hundreds of guests who came up for special events what Kevin was all about.

Sixty-two percent of all restaurants fail within the first three years. For a family-run business to survive for as long as we did with uncontrollable factors such as multiple forest closures, the highway bypass, closure of a trailer park that supported the restaurant, and closures from the Rodeo-Chediski fire says something about who we are, including Kevin.

I wish the new owners all the best, and hope Mr. Cunningham doesn't mislead them as he has your reporter and the community.

Ken Mystrom

Christopher Creek

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