Rim Club Members Also Members Of Payson Community



As a full time resident of the Rim Golf Club Community, I must tell you how saddened and dismayed I am by the fact that some members of the Payson and Star Valley communities feel that it is necessary to denigrate and assail the residents of The Rim Golf Club and Chaparral Pines to further their political or personal agendas.

In The Rim Golf Club Community, we currently have 26 homes, 13 of which are permanent residences. My wife and I do our shopping in Payson as do our neighbors. We are extremely proud to say that we live in Payson.

We are customers of the Payson Water Department and abide by the same restrictions as everyone in Payson. When our Architectural Review Committee approves building plans, they are submitted to the Town of Payson for review and approval, and the homeowner is required to pay the impact fees.

My wife and I are on the Board of Directors for Payson Area Habitat for Humanity. In the past three and a half years, I have volunteered over 1,350 man hours helping build Habitat Homes and am involved in the construction of Home #13. My wife chairs the Family Selection Committee. We work with the Payson Pro Rodeo Committee. We are active in our church. I am on the Firewise Committee at the Rim and we are actively working on improving the Firewise status of both our community and Payson. After discussions with Fire Chief DeMasi, the homeowner's associations of both The Rim Golf Club and Chaparral Pines gave the Payson Fire Department over $40,000 to assist in establishing a fire fuel break around Payson.

Most of us come from humble origins. Hard work combined with good luck has afforded us the opportunity to live in our communities. We have not forgotten where we came from and make significant contributions to the community. Our residents are active in their churches, serve on various town committees, work with Payson Area Habitat for Humanity, Whispering Hope Ranch, Payson Community Kids, Payson Pro Rodeo Committee, Friends of Payson Parks and Recreation, and the Time Out Shelter and many other organizations.

I respect the political opinions of others, but am discouraged by individuals who try to tear a community apart by playing the have/have not card. I would ask that all of the reasonable members of the community keep in mind that we are not "the idle rich," but are active, contributing members of the Payson Community.

Ivon A. English


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