Why The Harsh Punishment For Growing Marijuana?



I'm writing in response to the article, "Marijuana grower sentenced to 10 years."

Published on Oct. 1). It looks like the citizens of Arizona are going to be paying for the room, board and education on how to become a "real" criminal for Oscar Nunez-Medina, the evil gardener caught growing the evil natural herb: marijuana.

However, I'm a little confused. Why is it that we severely punish those who grow the easy-to-grow weed that has never been documented to kill a single person in the 5,000 years history of its use, yet we treat tobacco growers and sellers as upstanding and honorable citizens?

Our annual tobacco vs. marijuana kill ratio is about 400,000 to zero in the U.S. and about 4.5 million to zero worldwide.

Kirk Muse


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