Family's Five Living Generations Gather For First Time


A family with five generations still living came together for the first time Saturday at the Rim Country Health and Retirement Community in Payson.

The Baran family gathering included a great-grandfather, grandfather, father, his daughter and her infant son hosted at the apartment of the great-great-grandfather.


Five generations of the Baran family, from front to back, Trevor Baran, Jennifer Baran, Ron Baran, Ron Baran Sr. and John Baran.

The daughter, Jennifer, said it is nice to have her entire family so close by. Her great-grandparents just moved to Payson from New Jersey.

Jennifer lives in Scottsdale with her 5-month-old son, Trevor. Her father also lives in Scottsdale. Her grandparents live in Payson.

Saturday was the first time her great-grandparents were able to spend any significant time with her son, who was born in the spring. She said her great-grandfather saw her son in passing once at the airport.

Jennifer said she could never have imagined her family would be celebrating five living generations, coming together at one time and in one place.

"I was not planning on having kids until I was 35," she said, but she had her first at 16.

Ron Baran Sr. said getting five generations together was not planned, but was just something that happened.

"It means that my father was born 91 years ago and the little guy (Trevor) was born March 28," he said. "It really is nice that we could get a 91-year-old and a 5-month-old together at the same time."

The family tried to meet about three weeks ago, but all five generations could not attend.

Ron Baran Sr. said he has been in the community for 23 years and said the significance and importance of having his family so close by cannot be overlooked.

"We are very fortunate to have each other and be within one hour of each other," he said.

Ron Baran Jr., Jennifer's father, said it is nice to have the entire family back together.

John Baran, the great-great-grandfather, who will celebrate his 91st birthday next month, said he never thought he would live to see a great-great-grandchild.

"It's great," he said, while sitting outside his apartment at the Rim Country Health and Retirement Community. "Very few people live to see that.

He said the Barans are one of the few families in the state who can boast of having five different generations living and coming together.

"That is something," he said. "I never figured on it, but we lived to see it."

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