Tax Rates Announced For Gila County And School Districts


On Monday, the Gila County Board of Supervisors ratified the tax rates requested by the special districts and municipalities.

In addition to the taxes paid to the county (which includes the college, library and fire district assistance taxes) -- $5.56 per $100 of assessed valuation -- property owners will also be paying taxes for municipal services in incorporated communities, and for fire, sanitary, street lighting, water and school districts.

"We need to be real clear that when people get their tax bill and its $14, only $4 of that is from the county.

The rest is what they have laid on themselves," said District One Gila County Supervisor Tommie Martin.

On average, the total tax rate appears to have dropped by almost a dollar, she said.

The average rate for 2005-2006 was $13 per $100 of assessed valuation; the average for 2006-2007 will be $12 per $100.

The rates ratified for Northern Gila County were:

Town of Payson, primary, 0.26, a one cent drop; secondary, 0.09, a two cent increase.

Town of Star Valley has not notified the county of a tax levy yet, said John Nelson, deputy county manager.

Payson Unified School District, primary, $3.74, a 38-cent drop; secondary, $1.18, a two-cent increase.

Pine/Strawberry School District, primary, $3.70, a 61-cent increase.

Tonto Basin Elementary School District, primary, $5.98, an increase of $1.15.

Of the 11 fire districts in Northern Gila County, six are dropping the tax rate, three are increasing and one is making no change.

The rates range from $3.16 per $100 of assessed value in the Diamond Star Fire District to $1.67 in the Gisela district.

Property owners can visit the county's Web site on Friday to model their individual tax bills, Martin said. The Web address is:

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