Who Are We Kidding About The Bypass?



If, as some business owners claim, most of their business comes from people passing through Payson, what do they do to take care of local persons?

People coming through from wherever will continue to stop and shop if they need something, but from what I have seen in the past 10 years it seems the majority of traffic either continues east on 260 or north on 87 without stopping. So, again, who is kidding whom?

I have seen traffic on Fridays, backed up all the way to the casino, and on Sundays backed up on 260 all the way to near the American Legion. If we have to wait, as the town manager says, 20 years for this bypass, we are going to find traffic backed up on Fridays all the way to Rye and on Sundays (backed up all the way to) Star Valley.

Even on some weekdays, traffic can be backed up from 260 and 87 to near Phoenix Street. It would seem that while some people are concerned about losing business or some other excuse apparently their concern would be more with weekend visitors and not local citizens. So, this issue has been studied to death for ten years, and it could be another 20 before the bypass might be built.

Nothing like having an issue that needs action reasonably soon being studied to death. But that is politics.

P.L. Phillips, Deer Creek Village

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