A Passion For Painting


The first thing a guest in artist Janice Hoyt's home sees is a portrait of a man, Grandpa Pete, sitting on a front porch with three children.

One of the children is Janice's husband.


Painter Janice Hoyt said she is a wife and mother first, a teacher second, but she always makes time to paint. Aspen trees inspired many of her paintings in Nebraska, now she is inspired by the ponderosa pines of the Mogollon Rim.

"I painted it as a gift for my husband," Hoyt said.

A small snapshot taken in 1968 provided the inspiration for the portrait.

"It was before air conditioning, when people spent more time on their front porches," she said.

When Hoyt was a little girl growing up in rural Nebraska, her parents gave her a sketchbook and watercolor paints.

As she became confident in herself and her work, she began to take her paintings around to art festivals in Nebraska.

At one of those festivals Hoyt said a gentleman approached her with a photograph of his rural homestead in Central City, Neb., and asked, "Can you paint this?"

His question resulted in "The Home Place" her first commission.

The commissions that followed helped out with Hoyt's expenses as a student at the University of Nebraska at Kearny.

She never stopped painting.

"It's a form of relaxation for me," she said. "I usually have several paintings going at once."

Hoyt describes her style as "impressionalist." And watercolors are still her medium of choice for their transparency.

"You have to learn to control the watercolors," she said.

"When I am painting portraits, whether of homes or people, I am creating something meaningful, perhaps an heirloom," Hoyt said. "I am recording history."

The Resume

Janice Hoyt

Age: 47

Motto: I can do this.

Art award proudest to receive: York Art Festival, Best of Show

Favorite Place: My Home

Favorite Book: "Purpose Driven Life"

Favorite Movie: "It's a Wonderful Life"

Points of contact:

(928) 472-6834 or e-mail

janicehoyt@ hotmail.com

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